Bettye L Smith

President / CEO / Founder

Headquartered in Fresno, California since 1981, the PPI-family of companies have provided clients with accurate, easy-to-use products that help make business easier nationwide. Payroll People Inc. is now the largest independently-owned payroll processor in California and Hawaii. Ms. Smith has developed divisions and companies for Workforce Time Management; Payroll Software Development; ACA, HR, Employer Tax Compliance, Pay & File. In 2012, she launched Alliance Workforce Solutions, LLC (AWS) to meet today’s ever-changing and complex Workforce Management needs with a robust, single-point of entry database that supports a complete, accurate Workforce Management platform.

Craig Donaldson

VP Business Development

Currently the Vice President of Operations for Payroll People Inc., Mr. Donaldson has been a key member of Ms. Smith’s business endeavors for more than 30 years. Their combined expertise in Human Capital Management, Workforce Time Management, and Customer Service has resulted in the successful development of a client-oriented Workforce Management provider to fill the gap between giant, global Payroll Service Bureaus and the unsecured, unaudited private ventures of the industry. Responsible for excellence in day-to-day operations, Mr. Donaldson’s Client Support Team consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Allyson M. Bunker

Business Consultant

Ms. Bunker grew up in the payroll industry, her parents being founders of Payroll People Inc. Ms. Bunker is a proud alumnus of the University of the Pacific, Stockton and brings a proven history of building strategic alliances across diverse industries, specializing in the discovery and implementation of process simplification and streamlining. As a human behavioral specialist, Ms. Bunker has an effective understanding of the Workforce Management/Human Capital Management arena.
Ms. Bunker, and her husband Morgan, make their home in Las Vegas, Nevada where the Bunker family goes back 6 generations. Allyson enjoys travel abroad, Paris being her destination of choice. She loves to spend winters snow skiing with her family and summers at the beach.